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A Personal Message from BJ Rickard 08-30-2015;


"The world in which I live,.. the World of Horses and other animals .. The melancholy fact that there comes a time when you must say goodbye to a beloved companion is a far gone conclusion the day you bring a newborn animal home. Every day of love and time spent living together means one less day until that day comes to say goodbye.

Like small particles of sand falling from the top to the bottom of an hourglass.. Time never slows down or comes to a complete stop until all the grains of sand have fallen. Unfortunately sometimes this time is unexpectedly and drastically cut short due to an accident or catastrophic health condition. I have found that no matter how many years I spend in the company of a spirit greater than my own. A life force which holds no grudges or has no hidden agendas ,.. just a desire for love and constant contact, is never long enough for me.

Quality of life has always been paramount to life itself in my mind. Animals do not have the rational or understanding to cope with and comprehend why their days are no longer pain free and filled with play and so much activity. To have memories of such a life,. and to be confined to a day to day existence of constant pain and loss of mobility is something I do not want my beloved Dog to experience.

For almost a decade now, each day I have woken to the company of my Dog Ranger. Working for myself and with Horses on a ranch has allowed me the honor and privilege to never be separated from my Dog. Each days meals, each nights sleep, day after day, year after year has been so filled with joy and a sense of family, all to the credit of a wonderful Chocolate Labrador Retriever. I am now going to spend every waking minute of each and every remaining day doing nothing but enjoying what little small fraction of time is left with my Dog Ranger. For every grain of sand that continues to fall through the narrow margin of glass in the hourglass that measures time left and time gone. I will be comforting and enjoying the wonders of a Dog who has always been there for me.. I write this note ,.. for the sole intent to inform those who listen to the radio show that I will not be broadcasting live for sometime to come.. I thank you for your understanding ,.. along with my sincere hope that when such a time enters your life . You will be able to spend as much time as possible with your beloved pet as well .. From my barn to yours,.. take care.."

BJ Rickard and Ranger.....

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