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Always "live," never pre-recorded, open "toll-free" call in talk show covering all subject matters dealing with owning and caring for horses and much-much more. Interviews with horse professionals as well as segments that will make you smile and think. Two hours of horse owners sharing their experiences, good and bad. So you might be able to save money, time and make every minute that you spend with your horse the best possible time of your life.


The average life span of a radio show about horses is two to three months. This short-lived time span is generally associated with a lack of depth and content of the show itself. "The World of Horses" with its 13-year history and over 700 broadcasts obviously shows its effectiveness and broad appeal. Each show has at least three callers who don't own horses, but want to compliment the show's great sound and format. Along with the show's long-standing history of good solid horse information are these unusual and outstanding statistics:

•Over 2,645 stolen horses recovered

•More than 650 stolen trucks recovered

•1,735 stolen horse trailers recovered

•In 14 years of broadcasting, 5 veterinarians prosecuted and imprisoned for crimes against horses and horse owners

•Approximately 1236 horses' lives saved literally by their owners calling the show for immediate advice and help.
Live Every Sunday Night
From 8-10pm CST
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