Specks Tumor

“Speck “is a 17 +/-?? Year old gelding of mixed breeding and unknown origin, Speck has spent most of his life in the pan handle of Oklahoma on a dude ranch. His job was to provide everyone and anyone with a nice slow and comfortable no risk trail ride. After the dude ranch was closed down, Speck was adopted and purchased by a nice family in North Eastern Oklahoma where he currently lives a life of peaceful grazing and not much use... In other words,… “Horsey Heaven “!!!

Horses of Grey color no matter what the particular breed or sex are genetically predisposed to suffer from tumors. In most cases as a “grey Horse” reaches maturity and into its senior year’s tumors are common place occurrences. Most of the times the first sign of small tumors appear around the base of the tale and around the rear end of the Horse, although tumors can develop around the head and face and actually the Horse’s entire body can fall victim to such tumors. The tumor starts off as a very small “BB “size little bump, then has a very rapid growth rate. More than one tumor can and do appear on a Horse... Usually localized and easily taken care of by removal by a veterinarian...

Many procedures from surgical removal to creams and topical solutions can be used to slow down or remove such growths. In some instances liquid nitrogen can be directly applied to the growth to freeze burn them off... In most instances it is recommend that a biopsy be performed to rule out any chance that a tumor may be of a cancerous nature. The sooner this procedure is performed on a smaller sized tumor the better the diagnosis can be for the Horse. In some cases after surgical removal of a tumor, the tumor can actually return with a more aggressive nature and more rapid growth rate. Such is the case of this Horse’s Tumor which just happens to be on the side of his face instead on the base of the tail area. Surgery was performed and a large tumorous mass was removed from the side of this geldings face.

Unfortunately in the time span of 3 weeks of stitches and staples and drain tubes. Then a 5 week period of healing and hair growth, the tumor reappeared and did have a more aggressive growth rate. At this time even though surgery to remove the second tumor was an option. A different approach was considered and then put into action; an all-natural homeopathic cream was applied once every day at evening chore time directly on the tumor. Each day the tumor was drastically diminished in size and within 4 weeks of treatment the tumor has all but been eliminated. Although at this time the outcome seems to be very promising, the tumor could possibly return...

Only time and all Horses by nature having an amazing ability to heal and recover from all types of injuries and illnesses can be the final deciding factor... Speck’s surgery and eventual treatment and recovery have taken place at BJ Rickard’s home place under his direct supervision and medical care…


Photo #1: Shows a front view of the Horses face with the eye being shut and localized swelling with a large tumor on the surface of the skin. Click on Photo to open a Larger Photo.


Photo #2: This is a side and rear angle view of the tumor to show how close it is to the eye capsule and is causing great discomfort and loss of sight in left eye. Click on Photo to open a Larger Photo.


Photo #3: This is the result of once a day application of the cream directly on the surface of the tumor. Take note of the swelling being completely gone and the eye is wide open and sight has been returned to normal. Healing is taken place and healthy drainage is occurring as well. Click on Photo to open a Larger Photo.

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