Trucks & Trailers

Trucks and trailers sure have become a lot more important in a Horses life than never before!

Also, so many people are of the opinion that why buy or own a Horse if you do not even have your own truck and trailer?

Well once I get the ranch and the ten miles of Horse trails all cleaned up and ready for snow, ice and rain... I will write some things for you to think about when it comes to your rigs...

Yet right now as the show is just getting going again I will leave you with this thought... In New York City, there are folks who do not know how to drive! Never even have a driver’s license... So that being said you know they do not own or ever drive a truck or pull any type of Horse trailer at all!!

Yet they will take a cab to a nice riding stables and ride every day!! They own their Horse, love their Horse and just like you folks that are like me as well... We have a bunch of money tied up in Horse hauling equipment!!

Folks c’mon now… This is THE WORLD of HORSES!! LOL... : )


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