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Horse Health (20)

1. Fat on Mini Horses and Donkeys

2. How Fat is Your Horse

How a Horses Hair Works to Protect Them

4. How to Worm a Horse Safely and Effectively

5. How Horses Actually See Our World

6. How to Tell if a Horse is Dehydrated

7. Checking Your Horse to See if They Are in Shock

8. Taking Your Horses Temperature Safely and Correctly

9. Listen For Guts Sounds to Watch For Colic

10. How Horses Hear and Use Their Ears

11. How Horses Chew Their Food and Use Their Teeth

12. How to Measure Your Horses Height Accurately

13. How to Safely Clean Your Horses Eyes of Dirt

14. Controlling the Parasites and Worms Around the Barns and Pastures

15. Fly Mask Do's and Dont's

16. Butt Scratching and Hair Loss on Your Horses

17. How Horses Sleep Standing Up

18. Signs Your Horse May be "FOUNDERING", Suffering From "LAMANITIS"

19. How Horses Taste And Smell Everything

20. BOT Flies

21. Taking X-Rays Of Your Horse

22. Dental Exam For Your Horse

23. How To Give A Horse An Injection

24. Horses With High Withers

25. Feeding & Caring Of A Starving Horse

26. Rain Rot / Rain Scald

27. How To Tell A Mare Is Ready To Foal

28. When A Horse Is Choking

29. Getting Your Horse Ready For The Chiropractor's Exam

30. Giving Your Horse An Eye Exam At Home

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