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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video may be worth 10,000. Unfortunately some of the following videos are very graphic and also can be very upsetting and can possibly display the pain and suffering that Horses do sometimes experience. These videos are on this website not to shock you or upset you. These videos are sometimes the only way to provide a Horse owner with the best and most accurate depiction of what does happen to a Horse, and the result of some types of abuse or accidents that Horses do fall prey to. Please use caution and simple common sense when allowing young children to view some of the videos in this section of the website. Hopefully like most instances in the life of a Horse, the ability of a Horse to be involved in an accident or health issue, will at least provide us as humans the realization that things go wrong and we really wish for less of these situations and issues in a Horses life.


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